The Best Children’s Shows Today

Despite shows like “My gym partner’s a monkey” (strange and lots of monkey butt shots) and “Courage the Cowardly Dog” (disturbing), there’s still hope for children’s television. I really miss old-school Sesame Street, which just doesn’t seem to cut it with kids these days.  I love the following shows because they’re smart, impart great lessons and are just super-cool to watch:

Pocoyo and friends

Pocoyo and friends


Pocoyo is a smartly-written, funny and visually adorable show about a cute and often naughty little boy called Pocoyo (‘a little me’ in Spanish).  The English version is especially wonderful as it’s narrated by the brilliant British comedian, Stephen Fry.




Little Einsteins

Little Einsteins

 2.   Little Einsteins

 Annie, Quincy, June, Leo and their ship, Rocket, go on adventures to places like ancient Egypt and Antarctica.  Each show features a piece of classical music along with its composer.  As a result, my 3-year old often hums Mozart’s ‘Eine Kleine Nachtmusic’ and pieces like ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’.  She also was able to identify the Sphinx and the great pyramids.  I was impressed!  This show is fun to watch and really educational.


Charlie & Lola

Charlie & Lola

3.  Charlie and Lola

An ever so adorable British show featuring the best brother and sister relationship I’ve ever seen.  I love watching this show with my kids and hope that it inspires them to be nicer to each other.  I actually say, “Would Charlie & Lola do that?” when the kids are ‘not very nice’ to each other (which is often) : /  Lovely stories, clever art direction and the best lines.  5 stars!


3 responses to “The Best Children’s Shows Today

  1. My boys love Little Einsteins. The music, characters and interesting arty episodes.

  2. i LOVE charlie and lola! didn’t know they had a show. i only read the books 🙂

    and yes, these picks are winners!

    • Riya, you will LOVE the Charlie & Lola shows. The voice talents are ever so wonderfully perfect ; ) The show has one of the best opening credits ever.

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