Stop acronym abuse in the Philippines

Possible foreign mice buyer

Possible foreign mice buyer

“RP to host foreign MICE buyers”

What?!  Of course, upon further reading of the article in the paper this morning, it becomes clear-  MICE stands for ‘Meetings, Incentives, Conventions & Exhibition.’  It still didn’t make the article less laughable:   

[The event] will also provide local MICE suppliers with the chance to introduce their services to the foreign MICE buyers in the MICE mart on July 10 at Shangrila Plaza Mall.

It’s another case of acronym abuse in a country where the list of acronyms is so long, you need reference material when you read the daily headlines.   I’m already used to CON-ASS (Constituent Assembly), but imagine a visitor to this country picking up the paper to read:  “Former President Ramos hopes PGMA keeps her CON-ASS titillations to herself.”   

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front should also consider using their full name because it’s hard not to burst out laughing when you read,  ““Army pounds MILF” and  “MILF expels Christians from Philippine farms” (gee, that’s one mean MILF!).   Compare that last headline with Reuters’ version, “Muslim rebels expel Christians.”  See?  It can be done.


3 responses to “Stop acronym abuse in the Philippines

  1. EXACTLY!! I don’t understand why they have to turn everything into an ACRONYM (that sucks) AND make up words too. Like the EDSA “Footbridge” in Pasig. It’s a bridge! Doesn’t matter if you walk on it or ride a car on it. Annoying.

  2. Precisely! I feel your pain.

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