Good salad vs. bad salad

caprese salad

I love love any Asian salad, with Vietnamese or Thai versions being my favorites.  But when it’s summer, I always look for a good, simple Mediterranean salad.  I usually go for Greek, but I found this great recipe for a Caprese one:

  1. Drain 1 large can of black olives.  Cut the olives in half.  Cut 3 cups of cherry tomatoes in half as well. Put the olive and tomato halves in a bowl.
  2. Cut up about 1 cup of good mozzarella and add this to the bowl as well.
  3. Chop or tear 1/2 cup of fresh basil leaves and mix into a 1/2 cup of an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.
  4. Combine dressing with tomato mixture, salt and pepper and serve.  Mmmm…

From the Bad Salad department… I got this Jello ad from a vintage ad blog years ago.  It was labeled by the blog owner as “Satan’s salad” : (   Maybe because it looks like there are body parts trapped in it…

gross salad

Not to be outdone is our local mayo brand, Lady’s Choice, which actually thought this ad would make me want to buy mayonnaise.  I wonder how much mayo (or cement) she had to add to her macaroni salad to make it stand like that.

gross salad2


6 responses to “Good salad vs. bad salad

  1. Interesting you mentioned wondering how much mayonnaise was added to the macaroni salad to stand like that.

    When I see those Lady’s Choice ads where everything is slathered with maybe twice as much mayo as there is anything else (whether it’s a salad or a sandwich), I’m not so sure that’s a good thing to encourage people to do.

    What good is a salad if it’s buried in fat, right? Mayonnaise isn’t one of those good fats so it should be used in moderation.

    Funny post, this. 🙂

  2. I’m with you. I >hate< local ads with mayonaise and sandwich spread. Disgusting! Classic ones that come to mind: the Frie-delicious campaign of Lady's Choice that encouraged people to use a pot of mayo as a "dip" for fried foods (yeck) and a recent ad showing kids pining for sandwich spread with "meat" bits in it. Those kids will be in hospital in about 20 years with clogged arteries…

  3. True. Maybe in even less than 20 years. Kids who consume plenty of mayo might find themselves among the young obese with health problems that used to be exclusively for people in their 40’s. Or, they don’t necessarily have to be fat to actually have heart problems.

    My young anti-littering blogging actually went on a detour when I finally decided to write a post about a thought I had in the past:

    How do you get from protein-rich eggs (ingredients) to zero-protein mayonnaise?
    I mean, that went from good to bad in a straightforward process of emulsion.

    So when I saw that Lady’s Choice ad ‘couple of years ago pitching health benefit from Omega-3, saying I was irritated would be an understatement. I luckily found that specific tv ad that I’d frowned upon so I put in in my blog post.

    A little research will confirm that any minute amount of healthy fatty acids would be easily negated by the significant saturated fat content of any portion size of mayonnaise. And since none of our local experts speak up on the subject to enlighten consumers, it really got my goat.

    I may seem like one to overreact, but I’m just one who seeks truth in advertising and a bit of social responsibility from those who profit from giving incomplete information. Heck, I just wanna keep ’em honest.

  4. just make your own mayonaisse so you know what’s in it. most commercial product are not healthy even those touted as enriched with this or that.

  5. That must be really disgusting. But at least they tried to make it presentable.

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