These ads are creepy

These kids look strange and so does the food they’re endorsing.  I guess there were no food stylists yet in the 1950s.  This ‘bad seed’ blonde girl looks like she’s eating a raw meat sandwich…  Scary!

creepy kid


creepy kid2

Enjoying worm-ghetti


8 responses to “These ads are creepy

  1. That little girl and the raw meat sandwich– priceless!

    • I would be scared if she were my child: Please… have another raw meat sandwich…just don’t hurt mommy. hee hee : )

    • It’s not raw meat! Obviously it’s jelly! I mean, who spreads raw meat onto a sandwich with a knife?

  2. Enjoying Worm Ghetti i laughed so hard xD ! But that’s very Creepy yeah ._.

    • Right? It looks like a clump of fat earthworms! Nothing like the drool-worthy pasta ads of today. Poor 1950s kids….

  3. not creepy at all

  4. That kid with the sandwich makes me wanna throw up. she’s soooooooo creepy.

    It looks like i might not be sleepin tonight

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