Choose Sunflower Mayonnaise

sunflower mayo

I was so happy to see sunflower mayo finally available at the supermarket!  It’s under the Belle France brand and is very affordable – I think it was only P70 for the small bottle.   Just look for the word “Tournesol” (sunflower) on the label.  I’m not really a mayonnaise fan, but if I did have to use mayo for tuna salad, I’m glad I can finally buy a good one here.

Sunflower oil: 

  • Has no cholesterol
  • Is high in Vitamin E (which has antioxidant properties) 
  • Is low in saturated fat
  • Is known for its clean taste

Belle France seems to be a high-quality generic brand from France, kind of like President’s Choice products from Canada.  Belle France products are available at Rustan’s and Shopwise.  It’s great seeing affordable packs of gauffrettes, bottles of cornichons, tubs of sorbet and many other yummy items available to choose from.  My kids love bringing packets of the mini chocolate biscuits to school and having the frozen cordon bleus for snack time.  High carbon footprint concerns aside, I still think Manila needs more products like these : )

mini chocolate biscuits


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