What I’m reading now…

Diana Chronicles

I’m outing my mom here but she used to buy Royalty and Majesty magazines regularly up until Diana died.  A few months after Princess Di’s passing, I asked my mom where her new stash of royal magazines were and she replied, “I no longer need those magazines.  Who am I going to look at?  Camilla?? (said through gritted teeth)”   And so since then, I’ve been giving my mom Diana biographies every other Mother’s Day (with maybe a Kennedy or Jackie O. book thrown in).  I’m currently reading a brilliant book that was kindly loaned to me by a friend… The Diana Chronicles by Tina Brown.   I’m only halfway through but it’s a doozy!  I’ve known of Tina Brown since her days in Vanity Fair and she writes so well – a little snide comments here and there and yet quite profound observations.  I (and my mom) will miss Diana all over again.  Anyone heading for a vacation?  Take this book with you.



I’m also reading Anne de Courcy’s 1939: The Last Season as it’s in line with my love for anything from the Golden Age (20s til before WW2).  I just finished The Viceroy’s Daughters and quite enjoyed that, so will move on to this one.   It’s just hard to get to because Diana’s book landed in my lap and I haven’t put it down since. 

The next book I plan to read is a toss up between:




Just kidding : )  Really, I am.  Really.


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