Goodbye Michael and Farrah

The world is abuzz today about the sad, untimely deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.  As tribute to the two 1970s icons (and beyond for MJ), I thought to post videos from each star in their heyday. 

Yesterday, I posted the Jackson 5’s “Enjoy Yourself”, but I decided to replace that video with my all-time favorite MJ song, “Billie Jean“.  Listening to Billie Jean and watching this video (the original isn’t available on YouTube due to ‘country restrictions’) really brings me back to my early ’80s childhood.  Great memories!  For whatever he did or became, it’s wonderful gifts like his music and showmanship that will hopefully live on in our minds forever.  Thanks, Michael!

I also HAVE to post “Ben”, which I really loved as a little girl.  I had no idea at the time that it was about a rat.  (How ironic is that.)  It’s also telling of what his childhood was like, having composed at such a young age this beautiful and heartfelt song about his friendship with his pet rat.  It’s my second favorite MJ song and really takes me back…

I was obsessed with Charlie’s Angels as a child.  Of course, the show’s adult innuendoes were lost on me as I just watched for the action and cool hair.  Contrary to what boring critics say, I thought this show did a lot for little girls like me who thought for the first time that we could kick boys’ asses.  We’ll miss you, Farrah! 


2 responses to “Goodbye Michael and Farrah

  1. An angel and a king gone within 24 hours of each other, how depressing 😦 I loved PYT and Human Nature…say, didn’t we do an Enjoy Yourself dance back in gradeschool…?!?!?!

    And ugh, playing with my cousins, I always had to be Kate Jackson hahaha!

    • Ha ha ha! I originally posted “Enjoy Yourself” and said that a ‘friend – you know who you are’ (thought you’d be too embarrassed) and I used to copy-dance to the video. What were we thinking? I wonder if we can still pull it off…

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