The best Action Figures you can buy today

We all have our favorite action figures from childhood — my brothers recently passed their Star Wars collection on to my eager and grateful son, and my husband had Spiderman and Madelman (“you know, the Spanish GI Joe?” ) figures.
Vintage 'Madelman in Kenya'

Vintage 'Madelman in Kenya' - what's with the white purse?


Below are MY current favorite action figures.  I hope someone gets me one or two for Christmas…


Crazy Cat-lady: comes with 6 cats and a wild look in her eye



Obsessive Compulsive Man:  

Comes with worried look, surgical mask and a moist towelette



Angry Mob: Villagers with ‘mad’ faces and various weapons




Marie Antoinette: Her wig, dress and head are all removable



Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu: whichever side you’re on, it’s an epic battle


When did Tofu become french? (love the monocle!)



Zombie Pet Shop figures: Scary, undead pets for playtime



Avenging Unicorn Playset: comes with 3 problem people (Bad Boss, New Age lady, Mime) and 4 interchangeable horns for unicorn to skewer them with

"Everyone wants an imaginary unicorn friend they can call to smite their enemies"

I guess unicorns don't like mimes : (


2 responses to “The best Action Figures you can buy today

  1. You asked about what’s with the white purse?

    The owner was fed to the lion.

    • Ha ha ha! You know what I just noticed? There are elephant tusks (contraband?!) on the ground near the tent. Maybe that’s why Madelman is radioing for help? The lion ate the ivory smuggler lady.

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