Where did Clairol Herbal Essence go?



I loved the long-haired ‘nature lady’ who used to grace the label of this shampoo.  She used to bathe in a forest and birds and butterflies would happily hover over her.  Clairol Herbal Essence came in a cool bottle, was a beautiful deep aloe green and most importantly, smelled so herbal essence good.  I found an old ad (above) and was surprised to also find an on-line petition demanding the return of Herbal Essence.  I wonder if the “Gee Your Hair Smells Teriffic” fans have the same passion.  These ’70s women are loyal! 

Speaking of Gee Your Hair Smells Teriffic, here’s something from the “You learn something new every day” department:  Did you know that after Jergens stopped making the popular shampoo in the US, that the only place it was available in the entire world was the Philippines?  According to this site:

By the mid-1980’s the products disappeared from [US] store shelves.  Jergens had discontinued manufacturing the product.  After that, the only place in the world where the items were still available was in the Philippines!  Jergens had licensed the product to a manufacturer in the Philippines, and up until today the product has remained available for purchase there!

Well… lucky us! 

Great pick-up line

"Gee, you look like my mom"


8 responses to “Where did Clairol Herbal Essence go?

  1. The shampoo smelled soooooooooooooooooooo good, they made a body wash out of it. But the shampoo smelled was wonderful!!

  2. Where is the originalo Herbal Essence shampoo by Clairol. It had such a clean pleasant smell.

    Some of the new herbals are OK but I would like to have this one back.

  3. Actually, Herbal Essence is one of the top brands in the UK and is still available here.

  4. clairol doesnt believe that their customers actualy want this product. they claim there is not enough customers who want this shampoo anymore.maybe no one taught them to respect their customers or even read the internet.

  5. Aanth do you mean the 70’s herbal essence is being sold in the UK?! Let me know!

  6. Teresa, you are absolutely right. I think they don’t want to stick to the old stuff. They want to compete with what other companies are producing. Yack! the new shampoo smells terrible. The scents are too strong. I can’t hardly breath when I smell them. It’s just horrible. I just love the old Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner. Hope they would produce them again.

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