Dating Yourself – The Typewriter

I saw this vintage ad the other day and I unexpectedly got a little thrill.  Seeing this simple typewriter made me remember the day my parents gave me my dad’s old portable typewriter to keep as my very own.   I was 9 years old and it’s funny but at that age, getting my own typewriter made me feel like a teenager borrowing the car for the first time.  And then I realized… most kids today probably have NO idea what this contraption is.  They will never know the sound of a typewriter in action, or how important liquid paper or correcting tape used to be, or how one used to crumple up sheets and sheets of paper because we couldn’t edit before ‘printing’.  Talk about dating myself! 



 Remember Mr. Nooni-nooni-noo from Sesame Street?  My kids were watching snippets from our ‘Old School Sesame Street’ DVD and my 7 year old son asked me, “Mom, is that a big old telephone on wheels?”   Me:  “No, that’s a typewriter.”  My son:  “A what?”   Eep.

My kids do not know what this is : (

My kids do not know what this is : (


So I guess anyone who remembers the typewriter can now be relegated to that category we used to place our parents and their “I remember when coca-cola used to cost 20 centavos…” stories.  Sigh.  Oh well, viva vintage and all that.  Let’s celebrate the typewriter!


Here’s a cute vintage ad (1954) for the perfect portable typewriter for students…

You can even match your typewriter!

Gals & guys, from nerds to hep cats, could even match their typewriters.


IBM was always on the cutting edge…

When laptops were still a pipe dream...

When laptops were still a pipe dream...


Clunky yet cute and pink — what every young girl would have loved…

vintage pink typewriter

Barbie's typewriter


Guide to proper typewriting posture (still applicable today)…

Listen to Stella Pajunas, people!

Listen to Stella Pajunas, people!


Guide to improper posture (still applicable today)…

Voluptua LeBeaux shows how bad posture can affect long-term typing...

Well... I could see how this would hurt


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