Sweetie! Darling! I miss AbFab.



I really really miss the many mis-adventures of the forever bombed best friends, Patsy and Eddy.  I was such a fan while I was at university in the early ’90s that I actually planned my second year classes to all start at 11am so I could have my morning coffee watching Absolutely Fabulous on the A&E Channel.  Seriously.


The main cast (without Mother): Eddie, Saffy, Bubble & Patsy

The main cast (without Mother): Eddy, Saffy, Bubble & Patsy


Anyway, I recently read that this Fall, there will be a US version of AbFab executive produced by Jennifer Saunders (Eddy and AbFab’s creator) and overseen by the producer of Arrested Development (which I also loved).  Kristen Johnson of 3rd Rock from the Sun will play Patsy while an actress named Kathryn Hahn will play Eddy.  Despite the seemingly solid cast and production crew, I still wonder why there was a need to America-fy this classically neurotic, dysfunctional yet loveable British series.  I wish they could just show the original episodes in syndication. 


American Pats & Eddie : (

American Pats & Eddy : (


Oh well…  I’ll just have to comfort myself with my two videos purchased long ago.  Despite it being almost 20 years since the first season, this show is still timelessly hilarious.  I miss Patsy (played by Joanna Lumley), Eddy, Saffy, Bubble and Edwina’s Mother.  I’m chanting as we speak…


Classic wine-tasting episode:


4 responses to “Sweetie! Darling! I miss AbFab.

  1. I’m with you. What a great show that was, and I can usually make a good judgement on someone based on whether they recognize the show or not.

  2. its back. with the original cast. the UK got 2 new episodes at Christmas with the third being shown during the London Olympics

    • Yes! I saw the clip of them being upset over the Kardashians a few weeks ago. Hooray, they’re back! The world needs Patsy & Eddy.

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