Gitanes Cigarette Ads are beautiful

I don’t smoke, but I really enjoy going through vintage cigarette advertising.  A genre in itself, tobacco ads encompassed all design styles and ranged in subject matter from the scientific to the fashionable and iconic, and even to the bizarre…

Strange "Don't smoke & drive" (?) Russian Ad

Strange "Don't smoke & drive" (?) Russian Ad


But I love love classic French cigarette brand Gitanes‘ vintage ads.  The modern (now considered retro-modern) designs and bright, bold colors are just lovely.  And despite the eye-catching designs, the ads are very subtle – there are no cigarette health facts or hard-sell headlines.  Just simple, beautiful designs featuring a gypsy lady.  Here are some examples:


Gitanes Tabaco












7 responses to “Gitanes Cigarette Ads are beautiful

  1. I am sorry for my English. “Don’t smoke & drive” is wrong name of this picture. I am from Russia, and I am not a communist, I have never seen bears and I don’t like vodka. But this ads is propagandize to smoke only the cigarettes of “Mosselprom” (МОС СЕЛЬ ПРОМ). That name ” Mosselprom” is translated as “Moscow Rural Industry” (МОСковская СЕЛЬская ПРОМышленность) – it was only production of USSR, which have making cigarettes, bread and sausages . P.S. I’ve seen wolf, I smoke Lucky Strike and I like beer. Please send me your answer.

  2. It’s about a soviet poster with a man on the cigaret.

  3. The first image reminds me of the poster of the classic silent film “Battleship Potemkin.”

    • Dan, check out my post on Propaganda Posters. Battleship Potemkin posters would totally fit into that category. I love early 20th century Russian poster design!

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  5. The posters are lovely. Makes me think on the gorgeous work Mucha did for Job back in the forever ago. I love his stuff:) Another great post delivered here:) Thanks!

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