Bad Food Photos = Great Entertainment

I know it’s strange but I love collecting really bad food photos.  Whether a result of a truly bad recipe, bad food styling or better yet, BOTH,  I’m amazed that ad people back then allowed this stuff to make it to print.  Knowing that it’s almost a science now with Food Testers, Stylists and Photographers being paid top dollar for magazine features and ads, it’s nice to know that once upon a time, people really just didn’t care…

Anything with ‘aspic’ should usually raise red flags




It’s like raw meat surrounded by little bunches o’ brains



Having mastered Peas, Del Monte then offers up this tempting creamed Corn concoction

Del Monte Corn


It’s amazing how creepy spaghetti can look in the wrong hands



I love the tagline, “Some things can be copied and some things can’t.”  Well, thank God for that!

Miracle Whip

Run, kids! Mom's made the Haystack!


The Frankfurter-Kraut Crown — the perfect holiday centerpiece!

Frankfurter crown2


A very rare way of serving “Pork with Spaghetti” or as I call it, “Hairy Pork” : P

Pork with spaghetti


Saved the BEST for last! 

Lime Walnut Salad — lime gelatin, celery, pimiento, pineapple and cottage cheese.  Truly. Award. Winning.

Lime Walnut Salad

A lesser-known Weapon of Mass Destruction


Stay tuned for Part 2 someday soon… I have a huge collection : O


14 responses to “Bad Food Photos = Great Entertainment

  1. Hahah! These are great!

    • Thanks! I’m glad that I’m not the only one who enjoys looking at these bizarre photos (with Pepto Bismol in hand)

  2. WOW! That it crazy! The Lime Walnut Salad gives me the heebie jeebies!

  3. Wahahahaha, I don’t know if I feel like crying or laughing!!! Kattrina, these are classic! Where do you find these pictures? hahahahaha. Gonna pass this link on . 🙂

    • Thanks Nena, glad you liked them. They always make me smile…and feel nauseous at the same time ; ) I collect from here and there and I actually have some scanned off of my old cookbook collection.

  4. The Derby spaghetti seemed almost, uhm…

    crawling? 😛

    I am enjoying your blog so much!

  5. Ay yi yiii! The frankfurter crown!!!! It’s too much, too much I say! I once had to do a WEIRD fifties inspire breakfast table and I included the frankfurter crown. I think I had the same reference photo! Not really breakfast food, but I figure anyone who would sit down to a frankfurter crown, might as well eat it for breakfast.

  6. De-appetizers, anyone? I won’t feel so bad about my kitchen flops now. Also, have you seen these?

  7. Sally, thanks for sharing that link. HILARIOUS!

  8. Interesting photos. Wonder if they taste good.

  9. you might enjoy some of our photos then!

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