Whatever happened to ICEE?

Now that summer’s come early to Manila (read: massive heat wave), I can’t help but scramble for cooling treats like ice cream, cold drinks, etc.  The other day, I waxed nostalgic remembering that cold slushy drink in a cup that predated the Slurpee called ICEE.  As a kid, I used to love going to the supermarket with my mom, knowing that I’d get myself a freezing cola or bright red cherry ICEE afterwards.  Anyone looking to bring in new products to the Philippines, bring back ICEE please! 

ICEE as I remember it

Apparently, the ICEE bear has gotten a makeover from being a bottom-heavy, goofy and loveable layabout (in the tradition of Shaggy from Scooby-doo)…

The good ol' ICEE bear just enjoyed dancing and drinking... ICEE!

… to a “too cool” ice-boarding, sunglass-wearing, “these are modern times so let’s get active” polar bear:


Check out the ICEE Company website for information and interesting fan photos like these ones:

Adorable fan photo

Strange fan photo

Apparently ICEE is today available in the US, Canada, Mexico, China and the Middle East.  What happened to the Phils?  We need you back, ICEE bear (goofy or jock version).  It’s hot here…


9 responses to “Whatever happened to ICEE?

  1. Ooooh Icee! I remember having them in the old QUAD and open air Glorietta in Makati. Happy days!

  2. Really interesting. I’m considering bringing ICEE into the Philippines and googled to see if there were any references. Oddly enough, I found your blog. There’s a comment from Abegail that says there were ICEEs in the quad at one point? Do you know anything about this? Also, are your memories of having ICEEs in the states or here in the PI? Many thanks, Ada

    • Hi Ada, my memories of ICEE were definitely from early and mid-1980s Philippines (they didn’t have it in Canada). I used to enjoy my ICEEs at Rustan’s supermarket in Makati where I used to go with my mom. After I moved back to Manila in the late ’90s, ICEE was gone. Happy you’ll be bringing it back! I’m crossing my fingers for you : )

  3. Many thanks Kat. If it all works out, you’ll be the first to know! Many thanks for your reply. Sincerely, Ada

  4. Ooooh Icee!!! A long time ago, when I was about six years old (circa 1986), I would get Icees at our local Kmart when I was shopping with my mom. The Icee stand was near the customer service desk, and they had the same fake Icee sign that you posted here in the entry (the first image). I remembered how real I thought it looked and how much I wanted an Icee that size!

    By the way- I found your blog via a link someone posted on one of the bad plastic surgery sites. I am SO glad I clicked over, because reading here has been awesome. I love your entry about the bacon stuff- my hubby is a bacon nut and I enjoyed showing it to him. I also liked your entry on the passing of John Hughes, and you LINKED to Simple Minds! That just makes you too cool.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your entries and I’ve got you bookmarked for the future. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    -Allie, Arkansas USA

    (please don’t hold it against me….I promise I am not a hillbilly….)

    • Hi Allie, nothing wrong with Arkansas! Thanks for the nice comments and for checking out my long inactive blog. Happy New Year to you!

  5. I’m from Alabama. We’d get out ICEEs from the neighborhood Jitney Jungle. Nothing like brain feeze. I still get brain freeze 50 years later only it isn’t caused by an ICEE.

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