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Propaganda posters are so cool

American WW2 Poster

American WW2 Poster

No matter what the ideology, I love the passion put into propaganda posters.  I really like the mid-century period of propaganda design, and the clear winner in my books is… the Soviet Union!  Their posters are really design-forward.  Here are more examples of  posters from different WW2 participants.  You can really spot the differences in message and design among the countries… 

USSR: Great design, no smiles

Lenin with Dirigibles

Lenin with Dirigibles

Russian Air Force

Russian Air Force

GREAT Poster:  Urging men to sign up to work in the Urals (1924)Urals

Party Posters

election poster



England:  Let’s go, boys!



We all love each other!


 German Propaganda:  Aryan…




Italian Fascist Poster:  classic

italian eagle poster 

American Propaganda:  Pride and Emotion


Woo hoo, let's join the Navy!

US Propaganda WW2

Aww, a Norman Rockwell poster!

Aww, a Norman Rockwell poster!


Philippine Propaganda:  Great, and heavily influenced by US Propaganda

The flag is upside-down symbolizing the Philippines is at war

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