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Sophia Loren visits our planet

sophia loren

I posted this photo a month ago of Sophia Loren holding two items that every Filipino who grew up in the ’60s-’70s is familiar with — the dreaded wooden giant spoon & fork. 

That photo was actually taken from Sophia’s 1971 cookbook, In Cucina Con Amore (published in English as “Eat With Me”).  I’ve been wanting this book for a while because the recipes were all written by Sophia herself.  Imagine, owning a cookbook from a woman who once said about her famously voluptous figure:  “Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti.”  Take that, anti-carb crusaders!

I'm eating some spaghetti today!

I'm eating some spaghetti today!

As much as I love Sophia, I think some of the photos from her cookbook are just hilarious.  It’s like she’s some alien visitor to our planet, the way she poses with food.  Mangia mangia!

Posing with wheels of cheese - "Meet my new friends"

"Come cheese, let us smile for the camera"

Posing with meat products - "And this, what is this? Get it away from Sophia"

"What is this little oily product? Get it away from Sophia"

Posing with desserts - "What is this I am touching?"


Posing with pheasant friends

"Sophia likes you, stuffed pheasant birds. Come, let us pose holding each other."


My ‘Paris Cuisine’ Cookbook – oui! oui!


I collect vintage cookbooks and children’s books.  I purchased many books from the antiquarian bookstores at the top of Dunbar St. and all over the Downtown area when I used to live in Vancouver.  Paris Cuisine by James Beard and Alexander Watt is one of my favorites.  It wasn’t just a cookbook, it documented the best restaurants in Paris in the early ’50s.  This book has gorgeous descriptions of the restaurant plus recipes shared by the chefs.  Priceless : )



La Tour d'Argent

Clique clique ici! Click on photo to read : )

La Tour d'Argent - page 2 (please click on photo)

La Tour d'Argent - page 2 (click on photo to read)


Mmmm.... une recette de Crepes Suzette! Formidable! ; )