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Fun with Lederhosen

lederhosen men



I had a great time watching “The Sound of Music” the other night with my 3-year old.  I’ve always wanted to go to Austria as a result of having grown up with this classic film.  The lovely views of the green hillsides, the beautiful architecture, and then I saw Kurt and Friedrich sing “D0, Re, Mi” in their lederhosen

There’s just something about the Bavarian traditional costume…  Lederhosen is directly translated as “leather pants” and was worn by highland German and Austrian men.  It’s rather cute on little boys and I guess on some grown-ups too.








Not so cute

Not so cute


I'm on the fence with this one

I'm on the fence with this one


Kind of scary - when lederhosen goes bondage...

SCARY. Bad bondage lederhosen... (check slickitup.com if you're brave)


Authentic picture of George Bush in Lederhosen

Authentic photo of George Bush on his Bavaria tour


Boris Becker lederhosen

Boris Becker: Looking good in lederhosen



There’s apparently been such a resurgence of interest in lederhosen, that these best-selling toys had to be made:


The perfect pocket toy – a wind-up, hopping pair of lederhosen

Hopping Lederhosen

The little man on the packaging is in his briefs, chasing his pants : (



Gamma Deathbot Leder


He does your dirty work for you... while dressed as an Alp dweller toting a beer stein!



Who wouldn’t want an electronic yodeling pickle? 

Yodelling Pickle

Press the big button, hold the pickle to your ear and instantly feel like you're in the Alps



It took great minds to come up with the remote-controlled, hopping and yodeling pair of lederhosen

RC Lederhosen

The remote control is a knockwurst sausage. Ingenious.



So auf wiedersehen, lederhosen!  We shall meet again, I’m sure. 

Lederhosen as it was meant to be worn

Cool! Lederhosen as it was meant to be worn


Bruno Lederhosen