It’s a Hello Kitty world…

… we just live in it!

I love Japan and their whole appreciation for anything and everything “kawaii” (cuute).  It all started in the late ’70s when I was around 5 years old, and someone gave me some stationery (this was before e-mail) featuring a cat with her name spelled in fat letters – Hello Kitty.  Clean lines, no facial expressions or cartoon bubble talk, Kitty was just a cute little cat in overalls sporting a red ribbon.  Then along the way, something happened and Kitty exploded and became a multi-million dollar global phenomenon.  People like Paris Hilton took the humble cat from Japan and went insane with her.  Here are just a few of many great examples of where Kitty’s at today (many are from :


Ok, so I do think Hello Kitty fruit is super cute —

I would so buy these! Kawaii bananas at a Japanese supermarket


And I would totally buy this yogurt maker if I could find it —

Healthy, calcium-rich and Kitty-cute: what more could a girl ask for?


But I don’t think I’d want to be friends with the girl who decides to get married in this get-up–

Scarlett O'Hara meets Cinderella in Hello Kitty Hell


Nor would I like to see this in my bathroom…

I think my husband would leave me if I ever installed this


Though I may consider delivering  a baby here at the kawaii-cute Hello Kitty hospital in Taiwan–

How could you not love working here? Unless you were a man... who hated Hello Kitty



Then there are the more interesting Kitty items such as —

The Hello Kitty Rosary (for cute Catholics)


Conversely, there is the Hello Kitty burqa (for cute Muslims)


The Hello Kitty AK-47 …

This model proved unpopular with communist rebels...


The Hello Kitty-Louis Vuitton bong for cute, brand-conscious potheads…


We get to see Kitty’s super-cute internal organs through the Kitty meets Dr. Romanelli doll…

If only my heart and spleen were that adorable


And from the “I didn’t know there was a market for that” department…

Beck’s Hello Kitty Beer

Not a good thing to bring to a tailgate party


The equivalent of a huge “Kick Me” sign for any man…

It's the kitted-out Hello Kitty Ferrari


You know the universe is coming to an end when Darth Vader becomes a Kitty fan–

Scary Schoolgirl and Hello Darth make for a great disturbance in the Force


22 responses to “It’s a Hello Kitty world…

  1. Katy, only your blog post would include the phrase “super-cute internal organs”. We’ve got to get you on Twitter!

    Also: I need to buy me one of those rosaries.

    • I think all the women of the HCC need a Kitty rosary! So, we order 3 then? hee hee. And I really want that Dr. Romanelli doll. Who knew that even Kitty’s organs sported little bows? Cuute!

  2. I made that rosary! xoxox Thanks! 🙂

  3. beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo kitty!

  4. when i was baby (now iam 4years old)
    i buy a banana , a beer for a decoration and more . my house pictures is hello kitty because my father my mother love it .

  5. i am so obsessed in hello kity!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Love your posts! Thank you!

  7. super krasa kellllloo kitty!!!!!! :O

  8. How much for the hello kitty Louis vuitton bong?

  9. I am a Hello Kitty SUPERFAN!

  10. For the Hello Kitty rifle, its an AR-15 not AK-47.

  11. Beautiful site….I was looking for Herve Moran images (he did the Gitanes ads) and was bewitched. Many thanks and please keep going

    • Thank you, Chad, for the nice comments. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything but it’s nice to know people still appreciate past entries.

  12. Where can I buy the Hello Kitty Rosary

  13. ran across your blog on accident. i’m a huge hello kitty fan. i want the car and the rosary and i want to deliver my babies at that hospital! can you give me some info (esp. a website) for the hospital?

  14. wow…….:) i luv it……

  15. i really love hello kitty..

  16. elisha gabrielle bayag

    i like hello kitty

  17. i really want the hello kitty rosary.. where can i buy that?

  18. i ❤ you hello kitty

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