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1974: The year European design took a holiday

The following photos are breathtaking, but not in the way you’d think.  The site collected the best of bad European design from 1974.  It’s really quite… stunning!

For people who like to match their living rooms

70s bedroom 

WOW. Orange-green bathroom with brown wall-to-wall carpeting

70s bathroom

The green 'built-in' rugs are a nice touch


The “I can’t believe they hired a designer for this room” room

Sad-chic with scary doll

Sad-chic with scary doll and women's-prison beddings : (


 Client’s brief:  Use whatever you need to make it an authentic country kitchen!


Every kitchen needs a stable


 The ultimate in shag chic

You just have to say 'WOW'

So.... sensual


Client’s brief:  Just make sure the kitchen matches my car!


The kitchen for a fast couple - love the booze by the garage!


 Proof that bad design causes deviant behavior

So many things wrong with this photo, I don't know where to start...

So many things wrong with this photo, I don't know where to start...


Some ’70s kids things that weren’t so cool…

When I rely on memory, it was pretty cool growing up in the 70s.  I had all sorts of fun toys, the shows on TV were pretty good (even though we only had 5 channels).  But when I see photos like these, it makes me wonder…

Today’s kids’ beddings

modern bedroom


A 1974 touchy-feely kids’ bed that just takes your breath away

70s kids 



The latest toddler rocker from Netto Design



The 1970s slightly unsafe-looking PogoPony




Today’s KidKraft adorable kitchenette

mod kitchen


A 1970s steel sink

steel sink



Today’s example of an ad for Tween girls

la senza


A 1970s ad for Tween girls (and predators – creepy!)