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The KISS family

KISS Header

After years of planning, we may finally go the KISS route this Halloween —

My husband can now look exactly like Gene because the ‘authentic’ Gene Simmons’ Demon outfit is now available to all… for USD 500!  Gene, gene, gene – such a businessman


In our plans, my daughter is supposed to be Paul/Starchild (since no one else wants to be) but dressing up as mini-Gene is too adorable to pass up…

Demon Kids Costume

Or, she could come in the too CUTE Toddler Ace Frehley/Spaceman costume:

Kids costume Ace

Hmm…even kids who dress like Paul Stanley/Starchild can’t help acting a little cheeseball:

Kids costume Starchild

I’ll obviously be Peter Criss/Catman, but I refuse to dress up in this creepy adult version (with thigh cut-outs)…adult-catman-costume

Whether we do this Halloween 2009 or not, we take comfort in knowing that EVERY family can now be a KISS family“You wanted the best, You got the best!”  Woo hoo!


Boney M and Baccara: Obscure Euro Disco Tribute

Part of a strange list of my favorite secret classic dance songs, shared with Dead or Alive’s ‘You Spin Me Round’, Falco’s ‘Der Kommisar’ and anything ABBA, is Boney M’s Rasputin.  The group had a lot of hits, but this to me is the ’70s Euro-disco BEST.  How can anyone resist lyrics like:

Rah-rah Rasputin, lover of the Russian queen, There was a cat that really was gone. 

Rah-rah Rasputin, Russia’s greatest love machine, it was a shame how he carried ooonn….

Hilarious! And strangely enough, the lyrics are also pretty historically accurate.  So get up and dance to the German disco group manufactured by the guy who eventually put together Milli Vanilli.  Go Boney M!… “Oh, those Russians!”

And speaking of Russians, I thought these two women of Baccara were total Soviet Svetlanas when I first saw this classic video just a few weeks ago.  I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of Baccara before.  Maria and Mayte, former Spanish flamenco artists, quickly became ’70s Euro-disco goddesses with this single. 

 This video is, well… surprising!  There’s a lot to take in:  the lyrics, outfits, dance moves, facial expressions, flower background… the list goes on.  I was stunned but I did laugh a lot…  “Baby, I wanna keep my reputation…”

Looking super in the ’70s

I don’t know any other decade this past century that has had the most laughable fashions other than the 1970s.  Maybe it was something in the water back then, but everyone seemed to feel like they were at the forefront of some avant-garde style revolution.  Having lived through the ’70s as a small child, I never really realized anything was wrong… until I started seeing fashion photos from the decade, particularly the later disco-infused years.  These GREAT catalogue photos from really showcase the best of the worst.  When I’m feeling down, I look at these and I smile : )  Git down, party people! 


The 1970s version of loungwear for sleazebags 

Sleazebag wear from

Tooth necklace is model's own



Man Mates: great pastel colors, pointy butterfly collars, bandana…simply irresistible!

What woman could say 'no' to this?

"Hey baby, want to cruise in my Camaro?"



A “Big Yank” outfit for big & tall men who like butterflies

For the man who likes butterflies...

He'll pound anyone who says "cuute shirt!"



For creepy couples you don’t want to hang out with

"I don't know about you, but I feel frisky in this navajo blanket"

"I don't know about you, but I'm feeling frisky in this navajo blanket"



More matchy fashions for creep-ola swingin’ couples who like to disco

I can SEE the music!  (acid starts kicking in...)

"Oh yeah, wow... I can SEE the music!" (as acid starts kicking in...)



Creepy couples can have summer options too!

The flared pants, white star belt and white shoes are pushing it... but a matching halter top?! Dump him!

The flared pants, white star belt and white shoes are pushing it... but a matching halter top?! Dump him!



So you can match your pimp…


"Where's my money at?!"

"Where's my money at?!"




What the really cool and sophisticated girls wore to the disco

There are no words...

Seriousy, there are no words to express my thoughts...



For the fashion-conscious ’70s boy… (who is today still in therapy)

I hate you, mom.

"I hate you, mom."

Where did Clairol Herbal Essence go?



I loved the long-haired ‘nature lady’ who used to grace the label of this shampoo.  She used to bathe in a forest and birds and butterflies would happily hover over her.  Clairol Herbal Essence came in a cool bottle, was a beautiful deep aloe green and most importantly, smelled so herbal essence good.  I found an old ad (above) and was surprised to also find an on-line petition demanding the return of Herbal Essence.  I wonder if the “Gee Your Hair Smells Teriffic” fans have the same passion.  These ’70s women are loyal! 

Speaking of Gee Your Hair Smells Teriffic, here’s something from the “You learn something new every day” department:  Did you know that after Jergens stopped making the popular shampoo in the US, that the only place it was available in the entire world was the Philippines?  According to this site:

By the mid-1980’s the products disappeared from [US] store shelves.  Jergens had discontinued manufacturing the product.  After that, the only place in the world where the items were still available was in the Philippines!  Jergens had licensed the product to a manufacturer in the Philippines, and up until today the product has remained available for purchase there!

Well… lucky us! 

Great pick-up line

"Gee, you look like my mom"

The best Action Figures you can buy today

We all have our favorite action figures from childhood — my brothers recently passed their Star Wars collection on to my eager and grateful son, and my husband had Spiderman and Madelman (“you know, the Spanish GI Joe?” ) figures.
Vintage 'Madelman in Kenya'

Vintage 'Madelman in Kenya' - what's with the white purse?


Below are MY current favorite action figures.  I hope someone gets me one or two for Christmas…


Crazy Cat-lady: comes with 6 cats and a wild look in her eye



Obsessive Compulsive Man:  

Comes with worried look, surgical mask and a moist towelette



Angry Mob: Villagers with ‘mad’ faces and various weapons




Marie Antoinette: Her wig, dress and head are all removable



Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu: whichever side you’re on, it’s an epic battle


When did Tofu become french? (love the monocle!)



Zombie Pet Shop figures: Scary, undead pets for playtime



Avenging Unicorn Playset: comes with 3 problem people (Bad Boss, New Age lady, Mime) and 4 interchangeable horns for unicorn to skewer them with

"Everyone wants an imaginary unicorn friend they can call to smite their enemies"

I guess unicorns don't like mimes : (

Goodbye Michael and Farrah

The world is abuzz today about the sad, untimely deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.  As tribute to the two 1970s icons (and beyond for MJ), I thought to post videos from each star in their heyday. 

Yesterday, I posted the Jackson 5’s “Enjoy Yourself”, but I decided to replace that video with my all-time favorite MJ song, “Billie Jean“.  Listening to Billie Jean and watching this video (the original isn’t available on YouTube due to ‘country restrictions’) really brings me back to my early ’80s childhood.  Great memories!  For whatever he did or became, it’s wonderful gifts like his music and showmanship that will hopefully live on in our minds forever.  Thanks, Michael!

I also HAVE to post “Ben”, which I really loved as a little girl.  I had no idea at the time that it was about a rat.  (How ironic is that.)  It’s also telling of what his childhood was like, having composed at such a young age this beautiful and heartfelt song about his friendship with his pet rat.  It’s my second favorite MJ song and really takes me back…

I was obsessed with Charlie’s Angels as a child.  Of course, the show’s adult innuendoes were lost on me as I just watched for the action and cool hair.  Contrary to what boring critics say, I thought this show did a lot for little girls like me who thought for the first time that we could kick boys’ asses.  We’ll miss you, Farrah! 

A belated Father’s Day post


“Dad, I still remember it like it was yesterday.  You in your sky-blue briefs helping me into my white party dress…”

Maybe you have to be French, and maybe I grew up in a conservative family but am I glad I don’t have a photo of this “daddy & me” moment.  

But this ad did remind me that I do have a lot of great memories of my dad, much like my kids, who are now making their own special memories with their dad.  Simple activities like making pancakes on Saturday mornings, watching old movies over pizza, and taking long bike rides with him are moments children keep in their hearts forever.  So to all the great dads out there, whether they like to walk around in underwear or not…  belated Happy Father’s Day !