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Classic pulp fiction covers…in Spanish

You can really find art in the least likely of places.  Take pulp fiction covers from the 1950s-70s.  These were the cheap paperbacks that titillated a mostly male crowd of low-brow readers.  Despite their possible not-award-winning content, I think pulp fiction covers are just great.  What makes this collection below even more awesome is the fact that the titles are en espanol!  It just adds another dimension to the super-badness of it all. 


The series for baad boys…

She's not going to hit anyone with her eyes closed like that

Never give a 'chica' on 'drogas' a weapon...



 Ayayay!  El Robot!

dia del robot



The sleazier James Bond…Senor Suave, Extraordinario FBI!

Mr. Suav-e seems to be using that girl as a human shield

Watch as he suavely uses his girlfriend as a human shield...



Secret Service guys always get the chicks…”Just leave me alone already!”

"Why are you wearing double underwear?!"

"Vete ya! Wait... are you wearing two panties?"



Even the “King & I” looks sleazy when given the pulp fiction treatment…

el rey

Deborah Kerr smiles, but her eyes say "H.E.L.P.!"



Why we should never give weapons to mermaids…

"I'm gonna have me some fisherman stew for dinner!"

"I'm gonna have me some fisherman stew for dinner!"



I seriously love this gorgeous cover…  note “la muerte” ghost hand in the corner

requiem para una rubia



Believe it or not, this woman is a ‘good guy’…

"I ain't going nowhere with you, Cherry!"

I don't want to 'fly' with Cherry. I think she's going to rehab : (



I wonder what the “Fatal Gems” in the title is referring to (wink wink nudge nudge)…

Sexy spies always sleep with Ak-47s... topless

Sexy spies always sleep with Ak-47s... topless


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