Sound of Music – a ‘where are they now?’ special

Sound of Music album cover

I love this movie

 So last night I saw “The Sound of Music” for the first time with my 3 year old daughter.  It was another ‘maman moment’ as I realized I finally had a daughter to share this lovely film with, much like my mother did with me ages ago (boo hoo, tears of happiness).  Anyway, at 3, she was a little bored with all the ‘talking parts’, so we just forwarded to all the songs.  She especially loved watching the kids, especially little Gretl. 

It got me thinking… Where are the actors who played the Von Trapp children today?   Then I remembered that a few months ago, my friend Lara sent me an email with these photos (below).  Enjoy!  And I only have these comments:  What happened to Kurt and Liesl?! and wow, Gretl aged really well.


Sound of Music Children Before


Sound of Music 3

Sound of Music1

Sound of Music 4


4 responses to “Sound of Music – a ‘where are they now?’ special

  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    its so amazing to see how they ve changed.guess they all still alive .can i get achance to meet any of them,know where they are and how they are.thanks would love to get feedback.merry christmas

    • Merry Christmas! Yes, I guess they’re all still alive. I have no idea how you’d get to meet them. Maybe google them and find their websites (if they have any). Good luck : )

  2. Hi,

    I came across website while surfing exactly for what happened to the actors who played the 7 kids’ roles all those years ago.
    The photographs have refreshed my memories.
    SoM is one movies I cannot every grow out of. I still watch it at least once every 2-3 months. It ends up making me feel so happy.
    Thanks for putting up the pictures.

  3. Hey u asked what happened to Kurt! We’ll if u know what Glee is (which i hope u do) the guy who plays Kurt in that? Chris Colfer? Yea he was also Kurt in Sound of Music! Haha and no its no coincidence. Chris auditioned for the part of Artie (whos in the weelchair) but the directors liked him so much they rewrote the part of Kurt for him reflecting the name of his childhood (well 14) year-old self. ~A major gLeek

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