Lip Augmentation is not good

wax lips

I don’t know why wax lips are still in joke shops when there are now women who actually pay to achieve this bizarre ultra-plump-pouty look.  Maybe part of the fluid injected into your lips makes you instantly believe you look like Angelina Jolie.  Aside from Megan Fox (who can kind of pull it off), the rest of these women remind me of the freaky melting women from Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun video.  Creepy!

I'm meltiiingg....

I'm meltiiingg....


Why Brittany, Why?

brittany murphy


There was NOTHING wrong with her to begin with

lara flynn boyle


Olivia Newton-John’s daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, felt she needed duck lips at 23

Chloe Lattanzi


Dearest Donatella… no no nooo



The Philippines hasn’t been spared…

Pops Fernandez from


gretchen lips2

KC Concepcion


The one who can probably pull it off: Megan Fox Before & After

Megan Fox Before After


Great parting shot…  Donatella is now Janice the Muppet!

Donatella and Janice


21 responses to “Lip Augmentation is not good

  1. All these women, including Megan Fox looked better before!!
    I think if Megan Fox left her lips alone it she would look more natural and beautiful. On the new picture of Megan, she looks like an air-headed bimbo stripper. On her natural/before picture, she looks like a very classy beautiful woman.

    You forgot Pam Anderson on here too…she used to be stunning but her lips are hideous now.

  2. Kitkat, there are waay too many women getting this procedure done that I can’t post all of them. You’re right about Pam Anderson – lips and breasts are too big! I really don’t understand why these women don’t see what we see.

    RIP Brittany Murphy. Ty of Clueless is gone : (

  3. They look terrible
    Why do people do this can’t they see they look better without it

    RIP Brittany Murphy

    • I really think it’s a sickness. And once they start, they can’t stop – a simple inflated lip job turns into cheek implants, turns into chin implants…

  4. Make up in general can go wild. Ever see old ladies? What are they thinking? Sad really.

  5. Melanie Griffith and Meg Ryan did it also. They looked better before. Definitely. Rest in peace, Brittany…

    • Yes, I really think Meg Ryan’s surgery was a tragic mistake. She was so cute before! Now she looks like Jack Nicholson as the Joker : (

  6. So scary. Women should learn to be comfortable with what they have.

  7. Im not suprised its so obvious all of them got lip injections.They all look terrible now & unatural.Like Megan why didnt she just stick to her normal lips,boobs,eye color & hair color.But she just had to get blue eye contacts,lip injections & die the hair to copy Angelina Jolie

  8. I think Meagan Fox looks great, actually. Just the fact that she acts like she’s the only beautiful one out in this world kind of bothers me and others too. Maybe even just a little conceded. But, honestly, she is beautiful, and most likely to be the only one to pull off her surgeries. Good for her, but she was really still amazingly beautiful before.

  9. Whitecatthorn

    Megan Fox has had just as much surgery as Heidie has, and she started when she was just 20 years old. So dont tell me how “beautiful” she is, it’s all fake!:

  10. Megan Fox hasn’t had anywhere near as much surgery as Heidi Montag!

    Megan has had:
    1. Lip injections
    2. Rhinoplasty
    3. Possibly liposuction (although I doubt it)

    Heidi blows her out of the water with:
    1. A brow lift
    2. Multiple breast implants surgeries (currently 700cc’s!)
    3. Multiple liposuction procedures
    4. Rhinoplasty
    5. Lip injections
    6. Way too many Botox injections
    7. Chin reduction
    8. Etc, etc, etc.

    Megan’s newly plumped lips may not be the best for her, but at least they’re only temporary (fillers like Juvederm dissolve after 4-6 months). Between the two, Heidi is the one who got “Transformed” 🙂

    • Well, one thing Heidi did need replaced is that obnoxious husband of hers and just read today that she’s finally dumped Spencer. Hope it’s true!

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  12. What the hell is wrong with u women!! U are now glamourising plastic surgery by saying ”megan fox looks beautiful with the surgery” U guys are as bad as she is and might aswell have it done yourselves. What Is so beautiful about a fake nose, fake lips, fake teeth and fake cheeks?? She has recently had botox and cheek fillers. Her face looks like a lion or a cat and that aint in a good way. It’s about time you females start complimenting the natural beauties for a change, instead of the plain jane – ”turned pretty” < megan fox comes to mind.

    Heidi Montag
    nose job
    acid skin peels
    plastic teeth
    mini brow lift
    lip jobs

    Dangerous diets
    Nose job
    acid skin peels
    mini brow lift
    full brow lift (2011)
    boob lift/boob job (2011)
    addicted to lip injections (2011)
    eye contacts (jonah hex premier)
    (type in 'stacey slater and u will see who megan looked like pre surgery)
    There are far more beautiful/natural women than megan fox. Pretty women dont just excist in hollywood guys, theres better looking women out there and they dont need surgery (trust)

    Megan fox started having surgery at age 19/20. The real megan fox was in 'teenage drama queen' thats how she originally looked and would still have looked if she wasnt so vain and pathetic.

  13. wew! That was really awe full pictures. It is best to enhance your appearance if you would really prefer to have it, but making it look natural as possible. For more info about lip augmentation you can visit us at

  14. To be fair, lip enhancement done well can look really good – permalip implants, for example, can give a really nice natural look if they’re done subtly (i.e. just really thin implants, moulded to suit the existing mouth shape). And lip fillers can be subtle too if not done too often and by a trained medical professional. For people with really thin lips these treatments are a blessing. The problem, as always, is going to extremes – that’s where the ‘lesley ash trout pout phenomenon’ comes from

  15. If celebrities cant look good with lip injections, then there is definitely no hope for the rest of us. They have millions of dollars so they can afford the best surgeons and still they all seem to look horrible after getting lip injections done! I was going to get lip injections a couple of months ago because I have a really thin top lip and I wanted my lips to look more even but I decided not to get it done because I was too nervous that the doctor would stuff the procedure up big time! I frantically searched the internet for a good lip plumper and I actually came across which sells a plastic lip pump that you use to enhance the size of the lips. It works wonders! It actually works really well, I swear! You should check it out before getting lip injections because I think most ppl will find that it works just as well – you prob wont believe me if you havent tried it but for those that have tried it 😉 you know what I’m talking about, its amazing!

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